In due course entry forms will be posted to all on our database of names.  If you are interested in attending PL16 and would like to receive information when it becomes available please email Mike Clark with your details.


To be a full entrant to PL17 your boat will have to conform to either one of these two boat types:

1. Set at least one four sided sail as part of her normal working rig.

2. Be constructed entirely of wood.

N.B.  The organising committee reserve the right to accept or refuse entries at their discretion AS FULL ENTRANTS. All other vessels are welcome to Peel as spectators but these will not qualify for our hospitality.

Downloadable entry form


Quick and dirty boat building competion

Sponsored by J Qualtroughs & Co Limited, Timber Merchants




The basic idea of the competition is to design and build a ‘boat’ with the given materials and within the time limit’. The teams then have fifteen minutes to decorate their boat before one member of the team propels it across the harbour in a race against the other teams.


There is a limit of 4 people per team. Ladies are most welcome to compete and we usually have several amongst the teams although there has not yet been an all ladies entry. We would love to see an all ladies  team to show us what they are made of!  Children are also welcome, but must be supervised by adult team members.



1. Building takes place between approximately 08.30 & 14.30. Decorating (no materials provided for this) 14.30-15.00. Race start at 15.00 (accurate timings to be confirmed on entry form).

2. Only the materials supplied can be used.

3. Only hand tools and cordless drills / screwdrivers may be used in the construction.


Entry fee of £40 per team together with completed entry form are required no later than the Wednesday 2nd August to allow the organisers time to order the materials. All cheques payable to ‘Peel Traditional Boat Weekend’.  The entry fee will include the event supper at the Masonic Hall.

There are two parts to the competition. One for the best design, which will be judged by our expert on all things nautical, the second being the race. Cash prizes are awarded for each part and will be donated to a charity of your choice.  Other prizes will be awarded to the winning teams, along with the usual beer.

Vehicles must not be parked on the tongue.

Life jackets or bouyancy aids must be worn for the race.

List of materials supplied.

2 off - 2440mm x 1220mm x 4mm Plywood

2 off - 25mm x 150mm x 2440mm Timber

6 off - 25mm x 25mm x 3000mm Timber

2 box 3mm x 25mm Screws

1 box 3.5mm x 40mm Screws

2 off Tubes of sealant 

Downloadable entry form

Any enquiries to Mike Horne (Scutch)

07624 482982 / 01624 843518